Management Systems - standards fulfilment

Management systems, focussing quality assurance or environmental protection, I provide support in creation or updating; comprehensively up to the entirety of an IMS. Taking advantage of mine; extensively experienced as quality management officer / quality assurance manager (IHK) as well as of Automotive SPICE.

QMS creation or updating

As an organisation you are striving for certification or want to improve the existing quality assurance management. That's where I am supporting according to standards as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO/IEC 27001, ISO 13485, IATF 16949 incl. directives, to prepare or update best possible your business division affected.

Internal audit performance

A QMS internal audit is requested, preferably performed of a none-involved party of the company. Checking effectiveness of measures implemented, you will receive valuable information of mine, to get your management system performing at it's best.

Re-certification support

Resolving deviation or improvement measure implementation, these challenges managing of a re-certification ahead succeeds by professional support of a none-involved party of the company. Therefore, taking advantage of mine, long-term experienced at various industries, certainly helps you advantageously.

Scrum Framework - adapting to tasks of complex work

Counting on me helping to build small, high-performing and self-respecting teams - the best condition of competing successfully. Either beginning or practitioner - taking advantage of mine, as experienced Certified ScrumMaster® or Certified Scrum Product Owner®.

Transitioning from classical to agile approach

Your development or business has reached the limits of conventional management, seeking now for adaptability and effectiveness. Mastering prospective challenges I will help you finding your way of an adaptive strategy.

Counselling - overcoming barriers

You are about starting with Scrum or practising already in development or business. But, it doesn't perform well nor is it running smoothly. Examining reasons and supporting in improvements implementation, I will help you establishing the Scrum Framework successfully.

Certified ScrumMaster®

Awareness and understanding of the Scrum Framework values and principles - that's what I help you with in your agile development or business. Success by acting self-confidently of parties involved - it's me helping as Scrum Master consulting in the background.

Certified Scrum Poduct Owner®

Balancing aspects of the stakeholder as well as the Scrum team; gaining client's credibility to develop the product / service wanted, and thus succeeding by users satisfaction - a comprehensive task on me helping your development effectively winning.


Application - Atlassian as well as Marketplace

A tool-based approach, allowing to extend in any direction, customisable to all of your needs; that's where I offer consultancy, support and administration to your needs. Long-term experienced by on-premise server administration, beneficially working for Cloud application too, as well as a changeover.

Development by Scrum

Setting up Scrum projects in Jira, Confluence generously allows to document development issues alongside. Using both application seamlessly that's what I help you with in agile development; even by particular examples demonstration, like achieving DoR and DoD. It simplifies the work of teams acting globally by adhering agile values and principles of Scrum.

Jira project and test coordination with eazyBI

Helping you to simplify project or test coordination by all-in-one and drill-down dashboard's charts and tables provides a comprehensive and well scheduled working environment to the team. That's how I configure eazyBI in Jira for you, , even by particular examples demonstration, to let the team be easily interacting - in favour of joint efforts. An excellent alternative and easily manageable.

Jira / Service Management + Confluence in common for business or R&D

Jira and Confluence commonly applied provide unique features of coordinating issues along business or R&D documentation. Here, I help you combining both Atlassian application, even by particular examples demonstration, achieving an integrated approach brilliantly. It complies with ISO 9001 for business process, or R&D according to V-Model for IATF 16949 automotive respectively IEC 62304 medical.

Jira / Service Management, Confluence, Crowd administration

Looking for long-term experienced administrator, configuring Jira projects, Confluence spaces, or taking care of user arrangement at Crowd? Beyond that, boasting by particular programming knowledge in Java / JS / Rest API? That's where I support your business, keeping in mind to eventually transitioning to Cloud.

Server to Cloud transfer

Transitioning to Could becomes a crucial necessity, sooner or later. Take the chance right now to start experiencing advantages of the Atlassian Could application. Change-over needs to be deliberately prepared, of what, how and a schedule for transferring. Creating a customised strategy - that's what I am going to help you - finalising in a successful implementation.

Project & Test - all about coordination

Seeking for professionals, jumping into coordination or consultancy - your business benefits of my long-term experience of project as well test coordination, focussed on software development, even internationally aligned.

Consultancy in project coordination

Looking for project coordinator with solid knowledge or for consultancy? That's what I help you with; long-time experienced of various sectors. Motivating as a team creates idea of it's best, goal-oriented and in a common objective - my way contributing to your well-working business.

Consultancy in testing coordination

Taking advantage of my software testing know-how, in verification or validation tasks, in assignments of coordination or consultancy. It's all about the acceptance criteria, to make a validation working efficiently. A team acting consistently with professional competence; responding in detail and reliably - the best confirmation of flawless functionality.

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